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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello, my name is Vietor Davis, and I am the acting CEO of Zettabyte Storage. Welcome to our corporate blog. The other members of the founding triumvirate will be introducing themselves at some point, but I get the excitement of being first.

My background includes a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California Santa Barbara, where my focus was mostly in the direction of computer networking and large scale systems. This focus on inter-computer interactions was fortified with interesting dalliances into computer architecture, computer security, and more formal distributed systems theory. My professional background includes many years as a freelance computer consultant, mostly for small (1 to 5 person) businesses. I spent a year working as the systems administrator in an observational astrophysics laboratory, a highly educating and motivating experience. It provided a great deal of insight into how professionals in another field look at data storage, and served as a great antidote to the occupational myopia which can grow from working too long in one professional circle. The core of my professional career, however, was two and a half years of test engineering and systems administration at a successful tech startup, Communications Machinery Corporation. CMC, after producing a novel piece of wireless network testing equipment, was promptly acquired by Ixia.

The team we have put together to build Zettabyte Storage and Zettabits is, by far, the best I have worked with. It exhibits, in excess, all of the qualities which are required to develop a series of interesting and robust products, as well as a strong and agile company to back them. Our board of directors includes over 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, and a history of several other successful small companies.

If you find our service or product offerings in any way lacking, don't hesitate to let us know. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is our most important product. Let us know how we're doing. If you have some storage need or desire that we aren't satisfying, make your voice heard: we're listening.


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