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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi, my name is Terrence, and I am the technical head of our corporate triumvirate -- acting CTO. It will be my pleasure to talk to you from time to time about the technologies that make Zettabits the best storage on the planet. It is going to be a difficult task, just because of the sheer volume of work we have done, however, I look forward to it, because what we have accomplished is so extraordinary.

As to my background: I am a programmer; computers are my playground. My efforts have forged video games, terrain rendering engines, jpeg decoders, face recognition systems, real-time sound streaming/multiplexing applications, wired and wireless network routing protocols, to name some of the more cogent problems. Moreover, my linguistically talents are diversified and variegated covering a gamut from the pidgin squelching of javascript to the sonorous invectives of C, not to mention the occasional bout with English. To put it shortly, I am experienced. Before I forget, I also have a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Computer Science.

Zettabyte storage is definitely the best environment I have worked in. This is largely because of our commitment to open source. This is really the first time that I have been free to share my work with the community as a whole and contribute back to the technologies that allow Zettabits to function in the first place. We're still packaging these up, but look for information about them in the coming weeks here and on our sister network's blog here: Trained Monkey Studios.

Creating Zettabits has been an amazingly invigorating experience -- we are doing cool stuff that no one else has done, or has even thought about doing. Approaching the industry largely as an observer, my assumption was that there were some seriously hard problems to be solved, since the field has been extremely slow moving. I have worked with a large number of backup and storage management systems and they have all been painful. The truth of the matter is that the problems are challenging, but not as incredibly hard as one would think. I don't know if is just that nobody else has thought to solve them, or what. The outcome is that Zettabits is a more compelling backup and storage management product than anything else out there. We simply offer better storage for lower prices than anyone.

(edit 24 Oct 06: Wow, but I have bad spelling. Thanks to Marcia for pointing out that I forgot to run my spellchecker.)

(edit 18 Nov 06: I have a quick story. I'm reading a fascinating book right now: "Souls in the Great Machine" by Sean McMullen. I dearly love the book so far, but the only two character's names I can recall without first seeing them written are Adder 3087 and Function 9. Honestly, I'm much more fond of his characters "the Highliber" and "that guy with soup stains on his cloak", but for some reason, '3087 and Function 9 are more memorable. With that, I sincerely apologize to Marcia for both misspelling _and_ misremembering her name after she so kindly corrected the spelling in my post. Thank you again Marcia.)

What really makes me excited though is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The things we are working on currently (which I can't talk about yet) are going to just blow your mind. We will probably be rolling most of them out transparently on top of our current service as they become ready.


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