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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

switch( Protocase ) { case 'awesome': return true; }

The main reason we were so busy last week is that we were doing final prep on a new case design. The new Pro unit is smaller, sleeker, quieter and more power efficient. In fact, it's even pretty awesome looking. That, however, is not why I am writing this post. I am writing this to give props to Protocase. They have excellent customer service. The first prototype unit they sent us had the silkscreening on backwards.
Whoops! (Click To Download Larger Image)
They got a new unit into production just hours after we shot them an email explaining the problem.
Much Better! (Click To Download Larger Image)

The fixed case arrived just two days after the original and we had enough time to finish the case by our expected deadline (although we did have to stretch it all the way to the end).

Fully assembled, we are quite proud of it. Admittedly, it is hard to describe with only a picture. The real beauty of the case is that it is built like a tank - 14 ga solid steel construction, a solid all-metal button, and no flimsy plastic to wear or break. You really have to hold one to get a feel for the level of quality that has gone into its construction. The units are quite small and densely packed with high-tech goodies - just enough room left for good airflow, something we have given a great deal of thought to. Since we have switched to an external power converter, the box is massively overcooled; we like that trait in a case. The unit only puts out 30W at full tilt with the new power system; a vast improvement over our old power supply. The two intake fans providing cooling are low-speed variety Panaflow NMB series - with the power supply moved outside and lower speed fans it is amazingly quite. The fans are covered on the outside with anodized black mesh filters for easy cleaning; we know because we have been using one of the earlier model cases to house ZBS's core router for the past 8 months and it is phenomenally easy to clean and maintain.

And of course, I can hardly fail to mention the shiny black powder-coated, scratch resistant finish with our gorgeous logo emblazoned on the top.


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